Accounting and Billing

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Accounting System Attributes

Accounting System

Select the accounting system to which invoices should be posted.


Select the accounting system version.

Accounting System Rounding Difference

Select whether [rounding differences] should be displayed on the invoice.

Save User and Realm on Next Login (only applicable to QuickBooks Online)

A login can be saved to allow automatic login during all integrations with QuickBooks Online.

Rounding Difference Invoice Description

Provide the description that should be displayed if a [rounding difference] is calculated and elected to be displayed on the invoice.

Billing Attributes

Allow in Advance Billing

Select this option to allow [in advance billing]. Once this has been selected, [Products] can be individually set up to allow in advance billing and thereafter one / or more [contract services] can be set up to bill the in advance component of a product.

Next Steps

  • The Accounting Connector needs to be closed and re-opened for the saved changes to take effect.
  • Ensure the Tax Type Code for each Tax and Rounding Groups reflects the same code as captured on your accounting system.
  • Ensure that the latest SDK for the accounting system and version is installed.
  • Contract Service items with in advance billing components will continue to bill until the end date specified, regardless of 'in advance billing'>