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Successfully validated billing cycles, with no errors, will appear in the "Billing Cycle" drop-down on Billing Processing. Select the billing cycle you wish to process and select "Process Billing". The cycle will then be validated again to ensure no new billing records have been added or setup changes made to clients, contracts, products, prices, etc.

All warnings must be accepted to allow billing to proceed but may result in incorrect billing.

The billing cycle will include all data from the first day of the cycle to the last day of the cycle. If you decide to process your billing cycle prior to the billing day, then all pending records from the first day of the cycle up to today (processing day) will be included on your clients' invoices. A billing cycle can be processed at any time and as many times as you wish. The billing cycle will include all the data that fits into the current billing cycle period being processed. Should you process the cycle twice, then clients will receive two invoices, each containing the usage that has not been billed previously within the cycle.

Once the billing processing is started Varibill will be set to "Billing mode". Billing mode will lock down functionality during billing processing to ensure no further changes is made to entities during processing.

Once the invoice processing has completed, billing mode will be de-activated to allow you to use Varibill as per normal. The invoices generated can be previewed before they are posted to your accounting system (Preview Invoices).

The process of posting to your accounting system can be done by running the Accounting Connector. (Post to the accounting system)

Once the invoices have been processed the relevant billed cycle is closed. Always ensure the billed cycle closed successfully after processing your invoices for the cycle.

Latest Completed Billing Cycles

This list contains all billed cycles created and the dates on which they were processed. See Billed Cycles for more information.

The Process at A Glance

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Before You Start

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