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To ensure your billing runs smoothly Varibill validates your billing data as well as the setup of your clients, contracts, products and prices. This can be done by selecting "Validate Billing Data". Only cycles to which clients are linked will be validated and each cycle is validated separately. Only "Open" billed cycles are validated.

All errors for a specific billing cycle must be resolved before billing can proceed. Use the resolution options as a guideline to resolve them. A warning is not as severe as an error and can be accepted to allow billing to proceed, but may result in incorrect billing.

Notification Selector

This feature allows you to select a notification to remove it from the notification list. The notification will appear again, post validation, if the error / warning is still valid.

Once all errors have been resolved for a billing cycle, the invoices can process via the Billing Processing screen.

The Process at A Glance

ImportBillingData Gray.png


MaintainBillingData Gray.png


ResolveBillingErrors Active.png


GenerateInvoices Gray.png


PreviewInvoice Gray.png


PostToAccountingSystem Gray.png


EmailInvoices Gray.png

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