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A Client Identifier is a value that uniquely identifies who a product or service was provisioned for. This setup has to be done for Varibill to be able to link your billing data to the correct client and contract. This is done by linking the Client ID’s (as seen in your billing data) to contracts. A billing record will link to the selected contract if the billing record's last seen date falls within the contract's effective period.

How it Works

  1. A client ID has to be linked to a contract that matches the product master of the product for which it was or will be, collected. e.g. The client ID "123" linked to a contract for the product master "ABC" will not link records for product "bamboo" if "bamboo" is not allocated to the product master "ABC". if "bamboo" is linked to the product master "def", then you will need to set up a second client ID "123" linked to a contract created for the product master "def".
  2. If you wish not to bill for any records of products linked to a specific product master and the client ID of the record, you could create the client ID as a non-billable client ID by unselecting the "Billable" attribute. This overwrites all other matching client identifiers created. e.g. If you wish not to bill for records where the client ID is "123", then unselect "Billable" and create the client Identifier. It is important to note that all records with client ID "123" will then not be billed.
  3. A client ID can only be linked to one active contract set up for a specific product master at one point in time. Each combination of the client ID and contract number can be created once, Varibill will automatically link all records for products falling within the contracts' product master to that specific contract. The same client ID cannot be linked to other contracts for the same product master. The same client ID can belong to another contract for the client, as long as the product masters of the two contracts differ. This ensures that a record links to the right contract. e.g. "123" can be linked to a contract for the product master "ABC", but it can also be linked to a contract for the product master "def". If you have a second client that uses the same client ID for a contract with product master "ABC", you will not be able to create the client identifier on Varibill. In this case, you will need to provision the services at the source with a different client ID.
  4. Ensure that the client identifier is created to exactly match the client ID of your billing record. e.g. "VAN002" is not the same as "VAN002-001". If "VAN002" and "VAN002-001" both need to be linked to the contract for product master "ABC", then you would need to create two client identifiers both linking to the same contract.
  5. A client ID has to be linked to a contract that is active for the period that the data is collected. i.e. the Last Seen Date falls within the start- and end date of the contract. If the Last Seen Date is earlier than the contract start date or later than the contract end date then you will need to either:
  • Adjust the start and/or end dates of the contract to ensure the Last Seen Date falls within the effective period of the contract, or
  • Edit the Client ID to link it to another preceding or exceeding active contract, or
  • Delete the records that fall outside of the contract effective period.

  • Client Identifier Attributes

    Client Identifier

    This field should contain the client ID as it's been / will be imported from your source. This field can contain any value, as long as it matches the client ID of your billing data.

    Include in Validation and Billing

    Select this to bill all records with this client identifier. Items not marked as billable will not be included on invoices until this has been updated.


    Select the contract to which billing records with this client ID should link.


    A system-generated code is allocated to each client identifier created. This code can be overwritten with a unique code. This code will be used to uniquely identify pricelists created and is not used during billing validation, billing processing or updating your accounting system.

    The Process at A Glance

    ImportBillingData Gray.png


    LinkRecord Active.png

    Before you Start

  • Create a Contract (Manage Contracts)
  • Next Steps

  • Validate your Billing Data(Billing Validation)
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