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A contract price is a special rate per product that applies to a specific contract. This rate overwrites the selling price of the selected product from the effective date selected. A Contract price increase can be set per contract price via the "Contract price increases" screen. These contract prices will apply for as long as the contract is active.

Before You Start:
  • Create a Contract (Manage Contracts)
  • Create a product (Products)
  • If this is not for a term contract, make sure a selling price at the same rate does not exist for this product. (Selling Prices)
  • Contract Price Attributes Explained:


    Select the contract to which this contract price applies. You can add a contract by selecting the button next to the field.


    Select the product to which this contract price applies. If the product is not available in the drop down, first ensure you've selected the correct contract and that the product master of the contract and the product master of the product are the same. If the product does not exist, you can create it by selecting the button next to the field.

    Billing Data Type

    The billing data imported will be seen to be of this unit type.

    Unit Price

    This is the price per unit. The quantity of products / services rendered, per client, will be multiplied by this unit price, depending on the billing principle selected for the product. Refer to Products for more information.

    Effective Date

    The contract price will be effective from this date.

    End Date

    The contract price will be effective up to this date or until the contract expires.


    A system generated code is allocated to each contract price created. This code can be overwritten with a unique code. This code will be used to uniquely identify pricelists created and is not used during billing validation, billing processing or updating your accounting system.


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