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Conversion rules can be set up and products allocated to it to allow you to receive usage in any unit and bill for it at a different (converted) unit. Several system conversion rules have been created, but you can create multiple conversion rules of your own which can be used by your users.


Unit Received

Indicate the unit in which the usage is measured and imported into Varibill.

Unit to Convert to

Indicate the unit to which usage must be converted. This will be the unit for which a price is set up.


The name is populated using the input of "Unit received" and "Unit to convert to". This name is displayed as a conversion rule option when creating or editing a product.


A system-generated code is allocated to each conversion rule created. This code can be overwritten with a unique code. This code will be used to uniquely identify conversion rules created and is not used during billing validation, billing processing or updating your accounting system.

From Factor

The from factor is always equal to 1.

To Factor

This is the factor Varibill will use to calculate the total units to be billed. All units received will be divided by this value. This value cannot exceed 7922. Should you require anything greater than this, please contact

Conversion Rule

This is displayed to demonstrate the conversion rule that will be applied for all usage received where this is the conversion rule.

Please Note!!

Conversion rules are applied prior to rounding rules.


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