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Before You Start

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  • What is a Credit Note

    A credit note is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer for the reduction in sales.

    When is a Credit Note Issued

  • A credit note is issued when an in advance item has been billed for a period and the actual usage for that period was less than the quantity billed or for a shorter period than the period billed.
  • A credit note is also issued when a system closed invoice is reversed.
  • Credit Note Status

    • Open
      These credit notes are draft credit notes and have not been posted to your accounting system. These credit notes can be reversed and invoices reinstated.
    • Closed
      These credit notes have been posted to your accounting system and contains a credit note number as returned from the accounting system. These credit notes can also contain a [rounding] figure as reflected on the invoice.
    • Failed
      These credit notes have failed to post to the accounting system. Refer to [Error Resolution] to resolve the failure. These credit notes can be opened to repost to the accounting system.

    Preview Credit Notes

    All credit notes (Open, Closed and Failed) can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format.

    Internal Server Error When Selecting "View Online" Of a Credit Note

    This would occur when the "View Online" of a credit note PDF is selected, but the credit note has been reversed and the credit note no longer exists in Varibill.

    View Credit Note Online

    Your customer will receive a PDF credit note via [email] which will contain a link that will allow them to view the credit note in a browser. The look and feel of this link depend on how the View Online Icon is set up under Admin, [Document Template].

    Download Credit Notes

    Credit notes can be downloaded in PDF format. The naming convention of the PDF depends on your setup of the File Naming Convention under Admin, [Document Template].

    Credit notes can be downloaded individually by selecting the download icon next to the specific credit note.

    Credit notes can also be download in bulk by selecting the credit notes and Actions, Download Selected. An email will be sent to your registered email address once it has completed. The download will be available for up to 48 hours after the request has been submitted. If this period lapsed, then a new request would need to be submitted by following the same steps described.

    Credit Note Integrity

    The credit note will be generated with the same ["snapshot"] of the Invoice. This means the naming convention of clients, products, the pricing, billing periods, etc. will match the invoice exactly, even if this changed in the meantime.

    Credit Note Naming Convention

    The credit note PDF name is determined by the File Naming Convection of the Document Template. This can be easily changed by updating the Document Template.

    Credit Note Number

    If a credit note does not contain a Credit note number, the credit note has not yet been posted to your accounting system, or the posting of this credit note failed.(See [Error Resolution]

    You can run the accounting connector to post your credit notes to the accounting system. ([Post to the accounting system)]

    Varibill receives the Credit note number from the accounting system once the credit notes have been posted.

    Credit Note Dates

    Credit note date will match the Invoice Date of the relating invoice.

    Credit Note Line Items

    The line items reflected on the credit note will match the line items of the relating invoice.


    [| Rounding], as reflected on the invoice, will appear on the credit note.

    Emailing Credit Notes

    All credit notes can be emailed to your clients by selecting the invoice/s, followed by "Actions" and "Email Selected". The Last Email Date is populated once the specific credit note is emailed and will be populated from 06/08/2019.

    Credit notes are sent from the "Billing From" email address specified on Tenant Details to the client’s finance contact person(s) specified on the [[manage_clients|Client's] details. They will receive an email containing a PDF credit note.

    The finance contact person’s contact details can be edited using the “Clients” screen. You can send a credit note to a recipient other than the finance contact person by temporarily changing the recipients’ information when you’ve selected to send the credit note.

    The email template can be edited using the Email Template screen.


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