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The email activity log keeps track of all emails sent from Varibill as well as the status of each (Registration, Forgot Password, Reset Password, Source Collector Activity Notifications and Invoices emailed).

Please note

Email notifications sent by Source Collectors will not be reflected here as they are not sent from Varibill. For more information on these email notifications, refer to Source Collectors.


  • Queued emails are in the process of sending. Should an email remain queued for an unexpected period, this could mean that the email service is not running on the server. Contact technical support to assist in the resolution thereof.
  • Successful emails have been sent and should have been received by the recipient.
  • Unsuccessful emails could not be sent. Refer to the error of this email to determine the resolution.
  • Errors

  • General Failure refers to an error received from the SMTP server. Contact technical support to assist in the resolution thereof.
  • Resending an email

    Select the email/s you wish to resend, select actions and resend selected. Only emails with a status of successful or unsuccessful can be resent as queued emails are already in the process of being sent.

    Billing Header ID

    The billing header id is visible when invoices have been emailed. This field will be populated from 06/08/2019.


  • To reset a user's password on his/her behalf (Reset Password)
  • To send an invoice via email (Invoices)
  • System Requirements
  • Email Authentication