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Varibill makes use of the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) domain authentication method.

DKIM validates the authenticity of email messages and will detect when a sender's email address has been forged.

As an email is sent, it is signed with a private key, which is validated by the receiving email server using DNS. DKIM uses a unique private key to sign emails and is stored exclusively on the email server.

Emails sent from Varibill

  • Administration related emails - for example, User Account password create/reset links sent via email.
  • Billing related emails - for example, Invoices or Credit Notes emailed to Clients.

Email sending options

  • Varibill sends emails from an email address containing your domain name. Your DNS records should be updated with a unique key. The unique key can be request from Support or:
  • Varibill sends emails from an email address containing Varibill's domain name. For example,

Email Server options

  • Varibill, by default, sends emails via the Varibill Sendgrid servers, but customers can make use of their own SMTP server for sending email from Varibill.
  • If you wish to use your own SMTP server, please contact Support, for assistance when setting up your own server.