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This template is used when invoices are sent via email from Varibill (Refer to "Invoices" screen). You are able to manage the subject and body of the email using Varibill, but your email signatures are set up and managed on your servers. (Speak to your system administrator if you wish to change this)

The email address used to send your invoices can be managed using the "Tenant Details" screen.

Insert one / more of the curly brackets {} in your subject / body to reference the information it represents.


  • {0} = Registered Name (business clients) / Contact First Name & Surname (Individual clients) as captured under the client’s information (Refer to "Manage Clients").
  • {1} = Invoice date.

Email Body

  • {0} = Finance contact person’s name (business clients) / Contact person name (Individual clients) as captured on the "Clients" screen.
  • {1} = Finance contact person’s surname (business clients) / Contact person surname (Individual clients) as captured on the "Clients" screen.
  • {2} = Invoice date.