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Who is a Client

Clients could be individuals or businesses to whom products are sold or services rendered. You can sell as many products/services to your clients as you wish. It’s a once-off setup for each client and the information can be updated as often as you wish. A client's information is reflected on invoices generated for the client, so be sure to enter the correct information.

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Client Attributes

Client Type

A business client is an organisation to whom you provide products / services.

An individual client is a person to whom products / services are rendered in his/her personal capacity.

Each type of client requires different attributes for invoice processing. The one type of customer cannot be converted to the other type of customer. When creating your customers, ask yourself the question, "Am I invoicing an individual in his/her personal capacity?". If the answer is no, then you need to create a business customer instead of an individual.

Billing Cycle

A client is linked to one billing cycle. This billing cycle will determine on which day this client's invoices will be processed. Refer to Billing Cycles for more information.

Client Details

This information will be reflected on the client’s invoices.

A modulus 10 check is performed on the VAT number, Company registration number and ID number of the client. If this validation fails, it means the number entered is not a valid number.

Account Number

This should match the customer’s account number in your accounting system. Once you run your billing, this account (in your accounting system) will be updated to reflect the Varibill invoices generated for this business or individual.

Sales Person

Select the salesperson looking after this account. The options available are displayed based on account managers and salespersons created via the “Sales Persons” screen. If the salesperson is not available in the drop-down, you can create it by selecting the button next to the field.

Contact Details / Finance Details

Multiple finance contacts can be created for individuals and businesses. Invoices emailed from Varibill will be sent to all finance contacts of the client. Multiple general contacts can be created for individuals and business but are not used anywhere in Varibill. A Primary contact can be created for individuals and will be used as the information to be displayed in the invoice header.

Physical Address

This address will be reflected on the client’s invoices.

Invoice Groupings

Invoice groups allow you to group usage by a defined group. This group could represent a specific area, branch, sub-client, etc. A client can be set up to process invoices with groupings, without grouping, per grouping or per contract. When the client is set up to process invoices with defined groups, multiple invoice groups can be specified. Once the invoice group has been captured, one / more contracts can be allocated to this group. The invoice group name will be displayed on the clients' invoice and contracts allocated to this group grouped together and sub-totalled.

Consolidated invoice with no defined groups Consolidated invoice with defined groups Invoice per defined group Invoice per contract





The Invoice Grouping, Invoice per contract, applies the Sales Person assigned to the Contract (if different from Client's default Sales Person) when generating the invoice. This becomes relevant when the Sales Person Code is included when posting the invoice to the accounting system. Refer to the list of Accounting System Integration that currently include Sales Person Codes.

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