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Accounting System Integration

The following values are passed from each accounting system during a statement request:

Accounting System Document Generated Received from Accounting System
QuickBooks Online Statement – Balance Forward Balance Forward


Credit Notes

Payments Received

Generate a Statement

A Statement can be generated for a specific Client and period.

Once the Client, Statement Start Date and Statement End Date have been selected, a Statement can be generated. A request is sent to the accounting system to retrieve all relevant events (Balance Forward, Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments Received) for the specific Client within the selected period.

Emailing Statements with Invoices or Credit Notes

Statements can be emailed with Invoices or Credit Notes to your clients by selecting the invoice/s or credit note/s, followed by "Actions" and "Email Selected". The Last Email Date is populated once the specific invoice or credit note is emailed.

Documents (Invoices or Credit Notes) are sent from the "Billing From" email address specified on Tenant Details to the client’s finance contact person(s) specified on the Client's details. They will receive an email containing a PDF for the Statement and a PDF for the Invoice or Credit Note.

The finance contact person’s contact details can be edited using the “Clients” screen. You can send an invoice or credit note to a recipient other than the finance contact person by temporarily changing the recipients’ information when you’ve selected to send the invoice/credit note.

The email template can be edited using the Email Template screen.

Once the email details have been confirmed, a pop-up will appear where the Statement Period can be selected.

Next Steps

  • Email Invoices